KJK’s team has been at the forefront of the development of European Frontier equity markets and private equity since mid 1990’s.
Members of our team have been responsible for building successful businesses in Baltics, Balkans and Finland.

KJK’s philosophy is to be a local, long-term partner. Our heritage and local presence on the ground are key factors in sourcing quality opportunities and maximizing investor returns.

Our network consists of offices in Helsinki, Luxembourg, Tallinn, Vilnius, Bucharest, Sofia, Sarajevo, Ljubljana and Split.

Geography & Sector

KJK recognizes the value of geographical and sectoral expertise. Our network is multilingual and has been working together for years. All team members have 15 to 20 years of investment experience in their respective regions.

Deep geographical and sectoral understanding enables us to identify the key risks in an investment, and the potential solutions to mitigate them.

We have been identifying opportunities and gaining excessive returns taking advantage on investments which are under the radar for majority of investors.


Partnership is in the heart of our culture. At KJK, we continuously reinforce a strong collegiate and team-oriented way of life. Our investment Partners are an integral part of our operation. We are here to provide best possible returns to our investors.

In working with portfolio companies, we focus on building strong relationships and helping them grow their businesses over the long-term. While working with regional banks, professional advisors and mid-market lenders, we emphasize a partnership approach in sourcing lucrative investment opportunities.


The Landscape

The financing landscape has changed significantly during the past decade. Equity and debt financing are still available. However, debt financing by many traditional banks has been constrained and the regions’ public equity market liquidity has not allowed smaller companies to easily raise capital. The increasing Regulatory environment has been burdening equity investments. Hence small and mid-market companies need professional equity and debt funding sources to grow their operations.

In the current low interest rate environment in Europe, many institutional investors are looking for alternative investment opportunities to generate higher returns. KJK has established European frontier market equity and private equity funds to facilitate this ongoing opportunity.

The KJK Advantage for Investors:

KJK has superb network in the core region and proven capability to source the best deals – local advisory teams provide access to a broad and diverse range of investment opportunities.

Experienced portfolio managers protect investors via uncompromising and accurate portfolio selection. Risk mitigation through thorough due diligence, state of the art investment and shareholder agreements, documentation and management participation.

Highly-experienced local teams bring a deep geographical and sectoral knowledge of the European equities markets and private equity. Ongoing portfolio company monitoring, actively participating company decision making. Focus on successful exit – proven track record. Monetizing the investment is always on the forefront.

The KJK Advantage for Companies:

A reputable institutional investor committed to providing long-term equity capital to the European growth markets.

KJK commits it’s expertise to work with the investee companies at the board level and network of industry experts on the operational level. Long-standing regional and international bank relationships enabling ongoing collaboration with existing lenders and balance sheet restructurings.

Highly-experienced team with a long and successful track record through the economic cycles. Teams are based in target region with short lines of communication. KJK is known for efficient and reliable decision making.

Access to significant deal flow allows KJK to compare and contrast investment opportunities across our focus region, enabling it to provide companies timely, market-based feedback and solutions.